Wooden Bicycle Storage Sheds

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Wooden Bicycle Storage Sheds, are perhaps the most versatile and natural looking storage option for your bike.They are more secure than the canvas option, and some even come with tamper proof screws for extra piece of mind. Wooden Sheds often blend into their surroundings after a year or two, and if looked after properly will last for years.

One thing to consider before purchasing a wooden bicycle storage shed is that you will need a solid and level foundation to build on, which could be concrete or simple paving slabs. Without this you risk moisture from the ground entering the wood. Wooden Bicycle Storage Shed prices start from around the £200 mark.


– Most can fit two bikes inside, plus a smaller child’s bike
– Natural looking and will blend into any garden
– Can be painted or varnished in any shade to suit.
– Stronger design
– The wooden structure allows for additional shelves, hooks or mountings to be easily fitted afterwards


– Can be complicated to build, and may compromise security if assembled incorrectly
– Must be treated annually to protect them properly
– Require a solid base, which may increase the cost of installing them


Assembly of wooden bicycle storage sheds are definitely a two-person job. Despite being needing to be treated every year, we feel these offer the best value for money for bike and cycle storage in any outdoor area.

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