Top 10 UK recorded bike crime hotspots

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Bike TheftIn 2010, UK retailer Halfords published some interesting figures from a survey on bike theft in the UK. The information came from Freedom of Information requests to each Police force in the UK.

Given its size and the number of commuters travelling into the city each day, it is perhaps unsurprising that London comes out top.

Top 10 police forces for bike thefts in 2010

Police area                Reported thefts

Metropolitan Police              21,315

Thames Valley                       6,060

Greater Manchester              5,185

Cambridgeshire                     4,477

Avon and Somerset               3,895

West Midlands                      3,222

Leicestershire                        3,057

Lancashire                             2,727

Sussex                                     2,668

Humberside                           2,440

The inclusion of Thames Valley and Cambridgeshire in the top 10 reflects the higher bike usage in the cities of Oxford and Cambridge.

When taken into account with population size, to calculate a per capita figure, Cambridgeshire comes out as the top bike theft hotspot outside London with 5.81 thefts per 1,000 people.

Indeed the newly appointed crime commissioner for Cambridge, Sir Graham Bright, recent made it his mission to slash bike theft in the city.