Top 10 metal bike sheds

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Metal Bike Storage ShedMetal Bike Sheds are by far the most secure option for storing your bike, however this security comes at a cost. Prices for metal bike sheds start from around £400 and can go up as high as £1,500. When looking to choose a metal bike shed, you should consider metal which is galvanised. This means it is far more weatherproof and will be less likely to rust, if at all.

From an aesthetic point of view, many metal bicycle storage sheds come in garden neutral colours of green or light grey, meaning they will easily blend into the background. As with wooden and plastic storage sheds, metal sheds require a sold level base, made from concrete or paving slabs to ensure the doors site correctly.

The security options on metal bicycle storage sheds are much better than any other materiel. You will have the choice of things like 3 or 5 point (pick resistant) locking systems, and thicker steel on the doors which is very hard to bend or distort.

You will also find many suppliers offering a 10-year warranty on metal bike sheds.

Advantages of Metal Bike Sheds

  • The most secure bicycle storage option you can buy
  • Multiple security features such as 3 or 5 point locking systems.
  • 10-year warranties commonly available
  • Little or no maintenance required.
  • Variety of different sizes and shapes available.

Disadvantages of Metal Bike Sheds

  • Can be very expensive
  • Heavy to move
  • Reports of condensation in some units in some reviews.

Metal Bicycle Storage Sheds are by far the more secure option, and if you have spent in excess of £1,000 on a bike you may consider the cost reasonable to protect that asset. The inclusion of a 10-year warranty on more products gives piece of mind. Definitely worth considering in our opinion.

Lets look at the top 10 metal bike sheds available.


1. Asgard Annexe Bike Shed

There is no denying this top dog when it comes to metal bike sheds. The Annex model has space for up to three bikes at a time plus all of your bike accessories. The Annex is made from 1.2mm thick galvanised steel and weighs a hefty 103kg.