Guide to buying a bike shed

can you take it with you when you move?

does it have holes for ground anchors?

Is it as cheap to just buy a metal store than spend the money thief-proofing a wooden or plastic shed?


With some modern bikes costing in excess of £1,000, it is hardly surprising that people should worry about securing that investment. If you are lucky enough to own a garage then you have a ready bicycle storage space. If not, then you might be considering a bicycle storage shed.

Apart from constructing a bicycle storage shed, you are pretty much limited to a ready-made one from the shop. In actual fact, it’s likely you’ll sleep easier knowing you’ve invested well in something to protect your pride and joy!


Where to place your storage shed?

Perhaps you live somewhere with an outdoor area, garden or driveway. Such a space is great because also gives you quick access to your bicycle. In addition, a bicycle storage shed can also help in organising outdoor and indoor equipment in a convenient area. This is a perfect to store your bicycle, bikes as well as say a lawnmower. Since the lifespan of ANY equipment depends on how people store them, it is important that an individual considers several factors while selecting the storage shed.

Having a shed for a bicycle is great for protecting the bike from the elements. This is the perfect way of prolonging the lifespan of a bike before it starts showing deterioration signs, especially from the dreaded rust. Here are some guidelines that you should consider when selecting a bicycle or garden storage shed:


The first consideration should be access in terms of the space required as well as the main purpose for the shed. When looking for a storage shed for a bicycle, there are a variety of different styles to choose from. The great thing with some of readymade bicycle storage sheds is that they can be very simple to install and even to modify. If anyone would like to add some features such as double doors, shelves, a loft or boxes, he/she can comfortably do exactly that. There are plenty of additional products available to hang your bicycle or even carry out bicycle repairs.


The material that the shed is made out of is another important consideration. It’s likely the amount of money you want to spend will dictate which you choose. The commonly used materials for outdoor bicycle storage are plastic, wood as well as metal. There are even canvas storage sheds, however the security of these is much lower than of stronger counterparts. Before  settling on any of the materials you should be aware of the advantage and disadvantages of each.

Bicycle Storage Solutions

While there are plenty of options when choosing the structure and material of your bicycle storage, its probably also worth giving some thought to potential other uses of that bicycle storage space. You may want consider wall mounts or hanging your bicycle within the storage space. This is especially true if you plan to store other items in there as well, e.g. a lawnmower. This will help protect your bicycle from wear and tear of other item scratching or damaging it.

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