Canvas Bike Caves

Also know as a Canvas Bike Cave these canvas bicycle sheds are perhaps your cheapest option for the storage. They are essentially like camping tents, and share similar construction, with flexible poles and anchored to the ground with pegs. Prices for canvas storage sheds range from £40 upwards.

While these canvas bike caves offer a cheap option for outdoor storage of bikes or other garden items, we not sure we could recommend them to anyone who has a more expensive, higher-end bike storage where security is key. That being said, it is certainly worth considering a bike cave for smaller children’s bikes or other low cost items you just want to protect from the elements


– Cheap to buy
– Easy to erect and possibly reposition
– Will general hold up to two bicycles
– Can be a permanent or temporary fixture.
– Comes in a handy carry case for packing down and storage
– May be used when traveling away, e.g. Camping


– Less secure than a more permanent bike storage shed, with no permanent fixing to a wall or the ground.
– More susceptible to wintery conditions like snow.


Canvas bicycle storage sheds, or bike caves are the cheapest option to protecting your bike from the elements. They are perhaps not the best long term solution for your home, but you might find a bike cave useful for when you travel away from home (e.g. Camping) and you are taking your bike with you. You might need to give some thought to additional bike security when using these products.