7 Reasons you need a bicycle Storage Shed

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Welcome to Bicycle Storage Sheds, a source of information in the world of bike security solutions. We’re cyclists just like you so share your desire to protect your pride and joy, whether that is storage for a road bike, mountain bike or cyclo-cross bike. Most of us don’t have the luxury of a garage or secure outhouse to store our bikes in, so what is the alternative? Every day we read about another bike being stolen, so what is the most effective solution to store your bike in the garden?

1. You live in a high crime area

2. Keeps the bike out of sight, stop the opportunist thief.

3. There provide a solid and sound structure for your bike

4. Bicycle Storage Sheds keep your bike and all of it’s accessories secure

5. Prevents mositure and rust build up on the bike.

6. Keeps your partner or family happy as their isn’t a muddy bike in the kitchen

7. You live in a flat with no garage or limited outdoor space.



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