£3,500 mountain bikes stolen from outdoor storage.

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Police on the hunt for two high-value mountain bikes taken from an outbuilding in Ulverston Two bikes worse 3500 pounds each was stolen from Sunderland outbuilding last week described as Specialised Stump Jumpers, it is another unfortunate example of how … Read More

Wooden Bicycle Storage Sheds

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Wooden Bicycle Storage Sheds, are perhaps the most versatile and natural looking storage option for your bike.They are more secure than the canvas option, and some even come with tamper proof screws for extra piece of mind. Wooden Sheds often blend into … Read More

Canvas Bike Caves

Also know as a Canvas Bike Cave these canvas bicycle sheds are perhaps your cheapest option for the storage. They are essentially like camping tents, and share similar construction, with flexible poles and anchored to the ground with pegs. Prices for canvas storage … Read More

Top 10 UK recorded bike crime hotspots

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In 2010, UK retailer Halfords published some interesting figures from a survey on bike theft in the UK. The information came from Freedom of Information requests to each Police force in the UK. Given its size and the number of … Read More